Wednesday, August 20, 2008

OK, Britain is Unfair. Now Tell Me, How You Going To Sort It Out?

Yesterday in the UK, the British Conservative Party has released a report entitled An Unfair Britain: Why Labour Has Failed in Fairness in which one of the main points is that the number of people in “…deep poverty has rising by 900,000 since 1997 and the gap of life expectancy is now the highest since the Victorian age.” That is one of four main facts that are on the first page of the dossier. But if you look closer you’ll realize that the reason why it’s like is not because of Labour’s perceived socialism or its nanny state mentality. Even worse, the Conservative policy website is silent on how to reduce the deep poverty and the gap in life expectancy.

Since 1900 the Labour party was established as a democratic socialist party. It’s manifestos reflected its political orientation, even when Thatcher came to power in 1979. But it all changed in 1997 when Tony Blair came into power under a manifesto that changed Labour into the socialist democratic party into one which supports the "free market" . Since then, they’re more into making deals with business rather than than making deals with the voters. So there is some blame involved with Labor.

But would the Tory’s be any better? I do not think so, because when you actually visit the website, there is no mention on their policy section of their on how to reduce this deep poverty. As for life expectancy, there is a health policy available on their website to read entitled Delivering Some of the Best Health in Europe: Outcomes Not Targets. However it’s more to about focusing on outcomes and phasing out Labour led targets for NHS (National Health Service)

For all it’s worth, I’ll wait for the speech the Tory’s will hold in Parliament today. But by the looks of things, their plans will be no different than Labour’s.

P.S. For your reference to support the second paragraph, see this website of archived UK Labour Party Manifestos dating back to 1900. It's best that you compare the one's dated 1982 and 1987, and the ones dated 1992 and 1997 to understand how Labour changed from the democratic socialist party to one that more caters to the "free market".

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Black Otaku

And now for something different for today, the Cumberland Times-News had featured a story about Otakon 2008 in Baltimore, Maryland. The same convention I had a blast of time enjoying last week.

I also like this short description of the recent anime convention:

Halloween gone mad

An Unfair Britian?

Our top story for today, the British Conservatives published a dossier titled "An Unfair Britain" which explains how the gap between rich and poor has been wider than Victorian times under the New Labor's Gordon Brown. This comes to mind that a poll from the Guardian newspaper and ICM that voters would overwhelmingly prefer David "Hug a Hoodie" Cameron by a 21% margin.

But the main question is will conservative policy sort out the problems caused by Gordon Brown? My guess? I think not.

More to come this afternoon (Morning for those in the US).

Monday, August 18, 2008

Live from the Home of Robin Hood!

It's Ndubuisi Okeh blogging from Nottinghamshire, England, launching the 3rd edition of The Modern Day Prophet. From August 19 to August 27 you’ll hear news stories with commentary from Home of the Commonwealth.

P.S. Please pardon the header, it will be replaced tommorrow EST.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Why I Will Not Be Watching the Chinese Olympics

1. The chinese government has proven by their actions that they had and
will not improve their human rights record since they won the Olympic

2. King Dubya went to the opening ceremonies despite the fact that china
will not improve said record.

3. The games have become too commercialized.

More later after the weekend. Don't expect me to watch any of the
olympics. Unless there will be a tienamien square incident.

The Prophet Has Spoken.

P.S. I'll be having too much fun at Otakon 2008 to watch the Beijing
Olympics anyway. Fuck Emperor Hu Jintao and his Chinese "Communist"