Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Your Silence Will Not Protect You.

Remember the Stop Snitching campaign brought to you by Baltimore drug dealers? Yeah these people did not snitched to you,but they eventually don't want to risk them snitching to you. So you get to pay with your lives anyway.

It's truly a sad story, good kids who have a bright future. Yet their silence did not protect them. The code of silence only protects the strong and perpetuates crime. If you see a crime, talk to the police, you can remain completely anonymous, even if you are in a witness protection program.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Great, more budget cuts.

O'Malley (D) predicted an "extraordinarily difficult budget next year" if his administration does not start to pare spending during the current fiscal year. "While these cuts will not be easy, it is clear that the economic crisis our nation is experiencing will have a dramatic impact on next year's budget," he said in a statement.

No comment. Except for one: Tax the corporate pigs more next fiscal year, because I'm getting sick of the word "Budget Cut".

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

OK, Britain is Unfair. Now Tell Me, How You Going To Sort It Out?

Yesterday in the UK, the British Conservative Party has released a report entitled An Unfair Britain: Why Labour Has Failed in Fairness in which one of the main points is that the number of people in “…deep poverty has rising by 900,000 since 1997 and the gap of life expectancy is now the highest since the Victorian age.” That is one of four main facts that are on the first page of the dossier. But if you look closer you’ll realize that the reason why it’s like is not because of Labour’s perceived socialism or its nanny state mentality. Even worse, the Conservative policy website is silent on how to reduce the deep poverty and the gap in life expectancy.

Since 1900 the Labour party was established as a democratic socialist party. It’s manifestos reflected its political orientation, even when Thatcher came to power in 1979. But it all changed in 1997 when Tony Blair came into power under a manifesto that changed Labour into the socialist democratic party into one which supports the "free market" . Since then, they’re more into making deals with business rather than than making deals with the voters. So there is some blame involved with Labor.

But would the Tory’s be any better? I do not think so, because when you actually visit the website, there is no mention on their policy section of their on how to reduce this deep poverty. As for life expectancy, there is a health policy available on their website to read entitled Delivering Some of the Best Health in Europe: Outcomes Not Targets. However it’s more to about focusing on outcomes and phasing out Labour led targets for NHS (National Health Service)

For all it’s worth, I’ll wait for the speech the Tory’s will hold in Parliament today. But by the looks of things, their plans will be no different than Labour’s.

P.S. For your reference to support the second paragraph, see this website of archived UK Labour Party Manifestos dating back to 1900. It's best that you compare the one's dated 1982 and 1987, and the ones dated 1992 and 1997 to understand how Labour changed from the democratic socialist party to one that more caters to the "free market".

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Black Otaku

And now for something different for today, the Cumberland Times-News had featured a story about Otakon 2008 in Baltimore, Maryland. The same convention I had a blast of time enjoying last week.

I also like this short description of the recent anime convention:

Halloween gone mad

An Unfair Britian?

Our top story for today, the British Conservatives published a dossier titled "An Unfair Britain" which explains how the gap between rich and poor has been wider than Victorian times under the New Labor's Gordon Brown. This comes to mind that a poll from the Guardian newspaper and ICM that voters would overwhelmingly prefer David "Hug a Hoodie" Cameron by a 21% margin.

But the main question is will conservative policy sort out the problems caused by Gordon Brown? My guess? I think not.

More to come this afternoon (Morning for those in the US).

Monday, August 18, 2008

Live from the Home of Robin Hood!

It's Ndubuisi Okeh blogging from Nottinghamshire, England, launching the 3rd edition of The Modern Day Prophet. From August 19 to August 27 you’ll hear news stories with commentary from Home of the Commonwealth.

P.S. Please pardon the header, it will be replaced tommorrow EST.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Why I Will Not Be Watching the Chinese Olympics

1. The chinese government has proven by their actions that they had and
will not improve their human rights record since they won the Olympic

2. King Dubya went to the opening ceremonies despite the fact that china
will not improve said record.

3. The games have become too commercialized.

More later after the weekend. Don't expect me to watch any of the
olympics. Unless there will be a tienamien square incident.

The Prophet Has Spoken.

P.S. I'll be having too much fun at Otakon 2008 to watch the Beijing
Olympics anyway. Fuck Emperor Hu Jintao and his Chinese "Communist"

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mayor Sheila Dixon...

If you want to end homelessness in the "Greatest City in America", instead of putting homeless people in shelters, here's a better idea. Take ownership of the thousands of boarded up rowhouses in the city, offer the people a $1 rent and a grant to rehablitate the homes.

There, homelessness solved easy.

Source:Shelter plan upsets neighbors --

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Here We Go Again.

Yet again, schools in the Washington DC area are planning to, again, increase class size in the face of a tighter budget. Fairfax County,Virginia is planning to save $11 million. Loudoun County,Virginia is planning to save $7.3 dollars. The Maryland counties of Montgomery and Prince George’s: their planned savings has not been disclosed, are either seeking to combine smaller classes or cut support staff and teaching specialists.

Haven’t I seen this before last year?

Increasing pay for teachers would not solve another problem: purchasing supplies. Even with the cost of living increases they still have to buy school supplies that the school itself is supposed to buy.

As for the middle class families can transfer to a private or parochial schools, what about children of working class families? What about disabled children? What about those who speak English as a second language? If they remove the specialized staff, they will have a difficult time in school.

Again, this is easily solvable. Repeal the property tax. Implement a county income tax. Use general taxation to fund schools.

As for the class sizes: Reduce classes to 15 students, per class. From elementary to high school.

News Source: To Save Money, Some Schools In Region Plan Bigger Classes

Monday, March 03, 2008

Tuition Increase Likely! Maryland Senate Subcommittee Approves Higher Education Cut!

If you are a student of the University of Maryland chances are you may have seen stickers promising that if you vote Democrat they'll freeze tuition. But sadly there's something called the Universal Laws of Politics. The first rule of the universal rules of politics is that most politicians don't keep campaign promises when actually elected. Such is the case if O'Malley approves those cuts.
A state Senate subcommittee Friday approved over $80 million in total cuts from the governor's proposed budget, including $6.8 million in cuts to the University System of Maryland, which includes the state's 13 universities and research institutions.

  • More than $10.5 million of the system's unrestricted funds will be held until each institution can prove its student enrollment is growing at a healthy rate. Institutions that meet their goals will be given their portion of this money, and those that don't might see some of their money go elsewhere in the system.
  • Nearly $6.8 million in unrestricted funds will be cut from the system budget, and the cuts must be distributed fairly among all the system institutions. The system will be required to spend at least 4 percent more on each student than it did last year.
  • $15 million will be cut from the system's allotment of general fund money. In its place, the system will be allowed to take $15 million from the Higher Education Investment Fund, created last year to set money aside for higher education and supplement state funding when needed.
However there is hope:

State officials expect that there will be nearly $15.4 million in the HEIF at the end of this fiscal year, so the subcommittee effectively voted to drain the savings account. When Gov. Martin O'Malley released his budget in January, he proposed using HEIF money to freeze tuition next year and possibly the following year, as well. So even if the General Assembly adequately funds the system this year, next year's safety net is gone.

Madaleno said spending the HEIF money now rather than saving it for later makes sense in the long run. He noted the importance of "keeping higher education off the funding roller coaster" it has been on for about a decade. He said if the state moderates spending during good economic times, cuts when money is scarce won't seem so severe.
But if that HEIF spending plan falls by the wayside, and O'Malley approves the cut, it will be proof that the first rule does apply, and that most Democrats are just as conservative as Republicans since the Regan era.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

What's truely senseless?! Sending Youths to Adult Prisons!

James Edward "Lil' J" Smoot was 14 years old when his fellow Bloods gang members pressed a loaded 9 mm gun into his hand and directed him to knock on the door of an Essex man who failed to pay a weekly $250 "protection fee" to sell marijuana on the gang's turf.

When the man, Marquel "Marty" Smith, opened his door, Smoot pulled the trigger, shooting the man in the head and chest.

"He killed him because somebody told him to," prosecutor J.R. Francomano told a judge yesterday at the young gunman's sentencing hearing. "This was nothing less than a gang hit."

Saying he was disturbed by gangs' ability to "suck in young men like this" to commit the worst of their crimes, Baltimore County Circuit Judge Timothy J. Martin sentenced Smoot to 20 years in prison.

While the murder was truly senseless, what is really senseless is that Smoot was been convicted as a adult.
Smoot, now 15, pleaded guilty in November to second-degree murder and a handgun charge. He was prosecuted in adult court.

Juvenile courts were established for a reason, to rehabilitate youths and keep them separate from adult prisoners. Due to the "tough on crime" political polices established by the political whores in Annapolis and in Congress more children, as young as 14 are being sent to adult prisons. As I mentioned, prison facilitates are currently run as human warehouses. They do not rehabilitate inmates because the way they are run.

The facts about children in adult jail speak for themselves.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another Budget Cut?! $300 Million?!

This is proof that no matter who you vote for in the American Idol era, when it comes to bread and butter issues most Republicans and Democrats improve. Especially in the budget cut mania Maryland having for... I don't know, ever?
Lawmakers have been looking for $200 million in cuts in O'Malley's proposed budget to compensate for the flagging economy, but now they are saying that could rise to $300 million or more when updated revenue projections come out next week.


Three months ago, O'Malley called the General Assembly into a special session to close the state's structural deficit with $2 billion in tax increases and spending reductions, and a proposal to legalize slot machines that is subject to ratification by voters.

"The likelihood is, given the national economic downturn, that those difficult series of decisions will continue," O'Malley said. "Everybody is looking at the revenue estimates, and if they are coming in lower than projected, there will have to be further cuts."
But I bet there will not be any cuts to corporate welfare and their prison-industrial complex. I can promise you that. But there is one way we can stop this mania: Abolish balanced budgeting.

Monday, February 25, 2008

$2 Million Dollars?! What About Our Profits?!

The O'Malley Government is supporting a bill that would require power plants and other industries that pollute to pay air pollution fees so that the Maryland Department of Environmental Resources to use the money to hire 26 vacant spots for inspectors.
"We need to have adequate enforcement of our air pollution laws, and we don't have that - only 18 inspectors looking after 11,600 sources of air pollution," said Sen. Brian E. Frosh, a Montgomery County Democrat and sponsor of the bill. "That means more air pollution, which causes more health problems for people."

Critics of the legislation say that raising the fees on smokestacks would place an unfair burden on businesses and could lead to higher electric bills for a public already complaining about rate increases.
Here's the difference, the latter were just electric bill increases so that Constellation (who owns BGE) to make more profit. The former is a non issue, because air pollution affects everyone. You want to know a better idea? Outlaw all air pollution except for trace amounts.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Why Reasons Why Maryland Needs Universal Free Higher Education

Fee increases for housing and dining and the University of Maryland-UFHE would fully fund not only tuition, room and board, but also basically necessary infrastructure and needs for universities in the University of Maryland system.

Rising Textbook Costs-A monthly living expenses check of 2,000 per semester (and prorated by month on Summer and Winter semesters) with inflation adjustments would help out a lot with rising textbook costs, so that it will not put students into poverty

Negative Consequences of Using Property Taxes as a Main Source of School Funding

To this day many school districts still use property taxes as a main source of funding for their schools. This is despite two caveats: They highlight inequality between wealthy areas and poor areas in the school system. (That is the first one.) Second, housing market can fluctuate: In this case, we are in a recession and the housing loan crisis this. As property values lower, school districts now suddenly forced to make sacrifices just to keep running. It seems like every year they just keep cutting and cutting budgets . Even worse, there's No (Rich) Child Left Behind they have to deal with.

There are other alternatives to this problem, that is by implementing a county income tax. The income tax would be similar to the federal income tax but smaller. Another idea would to limit property taxes to businesses and people who have more than two homes (so they can only tax the second or subsequent home). I would recommend that both of these ideas be implemented next year, if not this year.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

ECON 200 Cock-up

If you're reading this we are on a five min break. Actually we where
into almost an hour in my first ECON 200 retake when the projector blew

More updates when available

If you're reading this. My Math111 discussion prof did not arrive.

The reason why I started blogging early in around 9:30am is because my discussion professor for MATH111 did not arrived. There was only about four other students in the small classroom as well. Around 9:15am only one man was in there and was about leave to take a shower. So consider this day a bit unusual, since this is the first week of the spring semester.

Hey Baltimore Housing Authority!

Instead of tearing down public housing for so-called "mixed housing" complexes will only allow few low-income people to live there, why not buy the many empty rowhouses that are still lying there just waiting to be occupied. Everytime I ride on Amtrak or MARC going past Baltimore, I see them waiting to be useful. By buying renovating these houses for occupancy, you can prevent them from being turned into meth labs, crack houses, or even worse...burned to the ground!

Same-Ethinic Hate Crimes! But Why Teens Are Still Doing Them

I would not believe this for a minute: Same Race Hate Crimes?

The threatening words discovered on the side of Virginia Trotter's Odenton home sent a chill down her spine: In dark red spray paint, someone had written a racial epithet and the letters KKK in what she saw as an act of racially motivated vandalism.

Anne Arundel County police investigating the crime weren't so sure: Trotter and her husband are black - but so are the teenage suspects.

After initially saying that it was not investigating the incident as a hate crime, the department reversed course yesterday and said the case deserves "special handling."

Aren't those teenagers still attend high school? If people are supposed to have a education, why not have a mandatory high school course on human diversity? That course would educate students about people of different ethnicities, cultures, gender, sex, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, nationality, etc. That would be a great prevention tool against hate crime than reactive laws. (Even though we still need them for those who don't care about diversity)

Sadly, there's No (Rich) Child Left Behind and the sexual orientationalists who would prevent such a thing from happening because the inclusion of sexual orientation and gender variency.(They rather have teens perpetuate hate crimes than give them education about the people who will eventually meet in real life)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Got out of math class

My first math class which I got out of five mionutes ago is a bit of a
summary of the proballity poriton of Math 110 (which I barely passed
with a 62%). But I'm done for the day and need to get back to my room
after lunch.

Trains, Subways, and Bikes

Today's Story: Why Can't the Virginian Commonwealth Government Step Up in Funding?

Yesterday it was announced that without major changes from the Federal Transit Administration, the Dulles Rail Link will be put on the back burner. The Project needs $900 million dollars from the Administration. What's a Commonwealth to do?Here's private equity to the rescue! In the form of the Carlyle Infrastructure Fund. Yet with private funding, part of the project and the end resulting Rail Link will be owned by Carlyle.

But there is a better idea, why not the Virginian Government gives up many of its road buliding projects for the Rail Link? We have too many roads any way and the more we build, the most traffic will come. Why not build a rail track that reduced road traffic?

Requiescat In Pace Karibu Books (1993-2008)

I been to Karibu Books a couple of times while I was living at UMD. Most of the time I just window shopped there. I also remember buying a book from them at the 2006 Green Festival for my mom. So it seem surprising that Karibu Books, possibly the only African-American owned and operated book chain is Going Out of Business.

Yesterday I been to the store and half of it's stock already stripped. All of the books now cost 50% of the retail price. I picked up a few books out of curiosity to see what the prices where. A strange oddity that the final novel of Harry Potter and Densha Otoko (Train Man) manga where stocked at the shop. But in the end even though I got the price of those and 5 other books I wanted to get, it was not wroth it. I could could easily get these books online at a much cheaper cost.

With competition coming from big name bookstores, independent chains such as Karibu are being pushed out of the market. And with little minority ownership in bookstores these days: No book store will possibly replace Karibu.

Corrections?! Do Correctional Facilites Correct S***?!

The Baltimore Sun's coverage of the murder of correctional officer Jeffery A. Wroten while decent, does not cover a another perspective: Do correctional facilities do their job? There are three purposes of prisons: Keep them from society, restrict their freedom, and rehabilitation. But by how prisons are run since the Regan-era, they mostly do the first two right. If prisons were also for rehabilitation, why does this convict who was severing seven years for assault and armed robbery killed a correctional officer?

P.S. The title of this post is based on a lyric from 50 Cent's Bulletproof track called "Maybe We Crazy"

Pardon My Dust

I'm trying to update my blog with a new headers. Sadly blogger is not cooperating so it will take a few days to get that figured out.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Doc Block=Crime Block

While I watch plenty of the programing MSNBC has to offer on their "Doc Block", the majority on what they regularly offer is related to crime. The MSNBC's rebroadcasts of To Catch a Predator and Predator: Raw is about sexual offenders. Lockup and it's current series "Lockup: Extended Stay" and now another integration of the series "Lockup: Raw" is about maximum security prisons and inmates. Their true crimes series particularly "Dark Heart-Iron Hand": murders. While they broadcast other documentaries such as "No Place for a Child", and outside documentaries such as HBO's "Gladiator Days: Anatomy of a Prison Murder", "Supersize Me", and other documentaries, such as "Homeless" series. Most of MSNBC's Doc Block ought to be called MSNBC's Crime Block.

Anyway I'm going to watch Lockup: Raw Criminal Minds, featuring one convict who thinks that killing someone is a no brainier. Expect my synopsis soon after.

Another Anti-Immigrant Law?! From Charles, Again?!

Frederick County Commissioner Charles A. Jenkins has proposed another anti-illegal immigrant law, even though his other one died in council last year. His proposal is to periodically audit local businesses that have building permits for any illegal immigrants. If they are any, the company could be fined and have the workers removed. But his proposal has more questions than answers.

Like, how would the law be enforced and funded? Would the law be funded by the fines it would impose? What about legal immigrants? Also, why enact a local law to enforce federal laws against hiring illegal immigrants. But what about the goal of the proposal? Is it to persuade illegals to leave the country? That and the others remain to be seen.

One Cent Hike! Also, Other Tax Hikes in Effect!

With the State of Maryland in a constant budget crisis that seems to never end, I’m afraid that we will not see a real tax cut for the lower and middle class within our lifetime. With that in mind, Maryland’s sales taxes will rise from 5% (that’s 5 cents per dollar) to 6% percent (6 cents per dollar) tomorrow on Thursday. The hike will, according to the Maryland Governor’s Office, will generate about $900 million in addition revenue. The sales tax will make the state competitive to New Jersey, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. The States I have mentioned already have a 6% sales tax.

Other taxes for cigarettes, vehicle titling, and corporations have already in effect as of New Years Day 2008. The tax for corporations has been raised from 7% to 8.25%. Taxes for cigarettes are now two dollars per pack. And vehicle titling tax was raised by 20% to 6 cents per dollar.

This article from has a convenient chart of the tax changes in full around the bottom of the page.